TORONTO, January 29, 2024 – Hamilton Capital Partners Inc. (“Hamilton ETFs”) is pleased to announce a permanent reduction in the management fees for Hamilton Enhanced Multi-Sector Covered Call ETF (“HDIV”) and Hamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF (“HYLD” and together with HDIV, the “ETFs”), to 0.0% effective February 7, 2024. Both ETFs trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”).

In addition to the management fee reductions, Hamilton ETFs is also pleased to announce monthly distribution increases for the ETFs. Specifically, the distributions of HDIV will rise by 7% to $0.151/Unit (from $0.141) and the distribution of HYLD will rise by 8% to $0.131/Unit (from $0.121), for the month ending February 29, 2024.

The above changes are enabled by the firm’s plan to complete the internalization of the holdings of HDIV and HYLD, which Hamilton ETFs believes will be beneficial to unitholders. Currently, each ETF holds approximately one-third of its portfolio in third-party exchange traded funds (“Third-Party ETFs”) and, owing to the internalization, such percentage will be reduced to 0%. Specifically, each ETF will sell its holdings in Third-Party ETFs and, in accordance with applicable securities laws and that ETF’s investment objective, replace them with Hamilton-managed ETFs, including the popular suite of Yield Maximizer ETFs[1] and four soon-to-be-launched additions. With an innovative, income-first approach, to covered call writing, the Yield Maximizer ETFs provide attractive monthly income and exposure to a wide range of popular sectors including: financials, utilities, technology, energy, gold, healthcare and bonds.

“The decision to fully internalize HDIV and HYLD reflects our ongoing commitment to support higher monthly distributions, and more closely align the sector mixes of each ETF to the TSX 60 and S&P 500 and importantly, reduce the all-in fees for our unitholders”, said Pat Sommerville, Senior Partner and Head of Business Development at Hamilton ETFs.

The management fee reductions will be reflected in amendments to the ETFs’ prospectuses which will be filed in accordance with applicable securities law requirements. As the ETFs will no longer pay management fees directly to Hamilton ETFs, in accordance with applicable Canadian securities requirements, there will be no management fees payable by the ETFs that would duplicate a fee payable by the other Hamilton-managed ETFs in which the ETFs will now invest for the same service. The other Hamilton-managed ETFs will, however, continue to pay applicable management fees to Hamilton ETFs. As a result, the actual aggregate management fees indirectly payable to Hamilton ETFs in respect of an investment in the ETFs will be greater than zero.  Investors in an ETF will, therefore, be indirectly subject to the management fees of the other Hamilton-managed ETFs in which the ETF invests.

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For media inquiries: Contact Patrick Sommerville, Senior Partner, Head of Business Development, at (416) 941-9250, [email protected]

[1]    Effective on or about February 7, 2024, the full suite of Yield Maximizer ETFs trading on the TSX is expected to include: Hamilton Canadian Financials Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: HMAX); Hamilton Utilities Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: UMAX); Hamilton U.S. Bond Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: HBND);  Hamilton U.S. Equity Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: SMAX); Hamilton Technology Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: QMAX); Hamilton Gold Producer Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: AMAX); Hamilton Energy Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: EMAX); Hamilton U.S. Financials Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: FMAX); and Hamilton Healthcare Yield Maximizer ETF (ticker: LMAX).

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