An Income-First Strategy

Our Yield Maximizer ETFs are designed to generate high monthly income for investors by employing an active covered call strategy on some of North America’s most trusted and blue-chip sectors.

*As at January 31, 2024. Distributions are not fixed or guaranteed. Hamilton ETFs may, in its complete discretion, change the frequency or expected amount of these distributions. Target yield is an estimate of the annualized yield an investor would receive if the target distribution remained unchanged for the next 12 months, stated as a percentage of the net asset value per unit on the as at date.

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Yield Maximizer ETFs explained


Understanding Covered Calls

Visit our FAQ to learn more about investing in ETFs and Covered Call strategies.
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How to Invest

Hamilton ETFs trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and can be bought and sold through your investment advisor, or any Canadian self-directed brokerage account, including

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